Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thankyou for your support and vote.

It has been a long hard campaign that has paid off.  The issues of new jobs, stopping the airport expansion, reducing the budget by limiting government has proven to be on target.  I will work hard and try my best to make you all proud.  Everyone know , if you need me just call. 

Thanks again.

John Heard

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Freedom Rings on Court House Square

This morning , Saturday June 12, 2010, John Heard signed the pledge being put forth by the Tea Party to correct the problems of the current Property Tax based Garbage Collection debacle.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

John will help Seniors

JOHN HEARD - a voice for seniors

Our senior citizens are more vulnerable
than any other segment of our
population. Predatory criminals see their
homes and persons as convenient, easy
targets. The only way to combat home
invasions is by doubling the amount of
police patrols in older neighborhoods
where seniors are concentrated. Gwinnett
County government has an absolute
obligation to see that it’s citizens
are safe and secure in their homes.
It’s John Heard’s number one priority.

Increased Homestead exemptions
Restored Senior Discounts

Those of us who live outside Gwinnett’s
incorporated cities (Lawrenceville,
Buford, Sugar Hill, Braselton) are
faced with a eighteen month advance
garbage bill with no senior discount.
John Heard will restore the senior
discount by increasing the Homestead
exemption for seniors. For those
seniors living inside the cities, the
increased homestead exemption will
reduce the overall county tax bill. This
is a problem that is a direct result of a
commission that doesn’t listen.

Increase the number of
Emergency Medical Technicians and
Cut the Response Time

As the population of Gwinnett ages
(it is estimated that 20% of Georgia
is over 60), the need for ambulances
and Emergency Medical Technicans
(EMTs) increases faster than the
population in general. I‘ll push to
make sure our EMTs increase in direct
proportion to the age of our citizens
and the number of satellite fire stations
keep pace.

Our seniors built this
county – I won’t let them down.

Friday, May 28, 2010

John responds to Gwinnett Airport Privatization

John Heard opposes Briscoe Field Airport
Commercialization and Expansion

"My Home, My Family, My Subdivision, My Business,
My friends and neighbors would all be damaged by the
noise, pollution, traffic and plunging property values
that would accompany a larger airport.
I will work against it, I will vote
against it, I will lead rallies against it.
You can count on me to say NO!"

John Responses to Gwinnett Forum Questions

John Heard Candidate for Gwinnett County Commissioner District Four (4)
Republican Primary

Why are you seeking office?

I am running for Gwinnett County District 4 Commissioner to fill the void of Leadership that currently exists on the Commission. I enjoyed my service in the Legislature – I feel I have much to offer to County Government

What do you expect to accomplish if elected?

Energize the business community and use the power of government to assist in making Gwinnett the Number one destination for business and industry .I would like to help create a research and hi-tech corridor similar to the Raleigh-Durham triangle in North Carolina centered around Georgia-Gwinnett College. New jobs are sure to follow. The Chamber of Commerce and the County need to re-forge the partnership that once existed.

What distinguishes your candidacy?

I am the only candidate in the race with governmental experience. I have a track record I am proud of. I have 35 years experience running my own business. I know what it is to meet a payroll. I have been a leader in the Georgia House of Representatives. I know how to build a consensus. I am the only candidate with the “horse power” to garner the respect from the fellow commissioners to get things done.

What are the key issues in your race?

1. Make the county business friendly.
2. Restore trust in government by being more accessible
3. Keep taxes low – better budget planning
4. Improve traffic flow
5. Listen to what people want.
Pick one issue. Expand on how you will address it.

Making Gwinnett County the number one place in the United States to do business. I want government to create a pro-business climate. The County government and Chamber of Commerce have historically worked together, but there is room for improvement. The county needs to set a policy that everyone that comes to or does business with Gwinnett is a “customer” and must be treated accordingly with respect and appreciation. Tax credits and incentives must be expanded for new and growing businesses. Local businesses desiring to do business with the county should have an advantage when being considered as a contractor or supplier. Taxes on inventory should be eliminated for all businesses.

100 word summary of my background.

Born in Forsyth County, I graduated from Cherokee High School, Young Harris Junior College and Southern Tech, where I received a degree in Architectural Engineering. I’ve been married for thirty-two years to Debbie nee Barrett. We have two daughters, Jill, a local lawyer, and Leigh, a student at Greater Atlanta Christian School. I began my architectural career in Lawrenceville helping grow a firm from 3 to 45 employees over a period of 13 years. I opened John Heard Associates in 1991 and sold it in 2001 and stayed on as Senior-Vice President of that 250 member firm. In 2003 I left the large firm and opened John Heard Architects – a local Lawrenceville business. In 2002 I was elected to the Georgia House of Representative. I served there for 6 years rising to Chairmanship of 3 different major committees.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

John Heard, Candidate for District 4 Commissioner, To Conduct Listening Tour

John Heard, candidate for District 4 Commissioner, announced a listening tour to meet with neighborhood groups across the district to share his ideas for improving Gwinnett, and to listen to neighborhood concerns.
“Elected officials must be accessible and accountable to the voters. My focus in these meetings will be to share my ideas and goals for Gwinnett and to listen to the voters on the issues that are most important to them,” Heard stated.

Butch Poss, Collins Hill community leader and Chairman of John Heard’s campaign, is excited about helping to lead the effort. “I share John’s passion for service, and I look forward to helping to organize these events. District four needs a commissioner who is accessible and accountable to the voters. We need someone who will listen to our concerns, and John vowed to be that voice for district four.”
The listening tour will take place over several months, as John Heard campaigns throughout district four.

“When I served in the state house of representatives, I never forgot that I worked for the voters of Gwinnett. When a voter called or emailed me with a question, I got back to them personally. I look forward to meeting voters across the district to share my ideas and listen to their needs,” said Heard.

If you would like to include your neighborhood group in the listening tour, please call John Heard at 770-845-5555, or email John at Please also visit the website at

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

John Heard, District 4 Commissioner Candidate, Announces Team

John Heard, District 4 Commissioner Candidate, Announces Team

Lawrenceville, GA – John Heard, candidate for District 4 commissioner, announced his campaign team in his race for the District 4 Commissioner seat. John Heard previously named Butch Poss as his Campaign Chairman, and recently assembled the remaining positions on his team.

“I am excited to announce my campaign team that brings experience, energy, and a clear understanding of the back-to-basics government we need”, Heard said. “We look forward to earning the votes of the citizens of Gwinnett.”

John Heard named Jim Elgar to serve as his campaign manager, and John Davis to lead his online network. Christopher Harris will serve as the liaison to the Chamber of Commerce.

“I am honored to be a part of John’s team, “said Elgar. “We are moving quickly to let voters know that there is only one person who will bring accountability and common sense back to Gwinnett government, and that man is John Heard”.

“I have a track record of proven, effective leadership from my time serving in the state house, as well as in my 30 years as a small businessman,” Heard stated. “I look forward to continuing my service to the citizens of Gwinnett.”

John and his wife Debbie have been married 32 years, and are members of Lawrenceville First United Methodist Church. John has served on the Lawrenceville Downtown Development Authority since 1993, and is currently a member of the Board of Directors of the Lake Lanier Association. John is also a member of Rotary and Lawrenceville Kiwanis, as well as a previous member of the Board of Lawrenceville Softball Association